Expense IQ 2.0 – Next Step Forward


Expense IQ Expense IQ (formerly EasyMoney) is one of the apps many users really love and use on a daily basis to keep track of their finances and expenditure – good habits that we at Handy Apps always try to promote.

Through these (~7) years, we developed the idea into an ambitious app with a goal to assist fellow smartphone/tablet users to manage and stay ahead of their finances, which no doubt has benefited not only us, but hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.


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Valentine’s Special: 3 Types of Find Diners


Other than gifts and entertainment, finding a good dinner is always one of the biggest headaches every Valentine’s Day. To make matters worse, there is no sure-fire way or place that can satisfy your special other.

How do some of our users of Find Dining Find Diners solve their Valentine’s dinner problem? Check out below and hopefully it can give you some ideas too!
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[Sale][Featured] Expense IQ – 50% off Gold Upgrade! Happy New Year 2016!


Password Locker Icon Love Expense IQ and have been using for the past few years? How about a 50% off Gold Upgrade?

We heard you! You told us how much you love Expense IQ, told us what you wish to see, and together we created the best and extensive expense manager for Android. You also asked for a discount…. so as thanks, here you go! Read more ›

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[Update] Find Dining – Tablet Finders ‘n’ Diners Unite!


Password Locker Icon So we heard you love discovering new food places with Find Dining on your big, awesome tablets.

Guess what? You can have your Find ‘n’ Dine journeys with your tablets now! If you haven’t tried it out, read on to see why it’s 3,874% more awesome to use Find Dining with your tablet(s)!

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[Sale][Featured] Photo Wall FX – Google Play Lower Price Collection

Password Locker Icon Want to remove ads from Photo Wall FX with some spare change?

In celebration of Google’s announcement of lower minimum prices in 17 countries, we slashed prices (80+% off!) in some of these countries to the lowest possible prices and Photo Wall FX is even featured on Google Play in these countries!

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