Hide Videos in Your Android Device

Always wondering how to hide your private videos and movies from the public gallery on your Android smartphone or tablet? Here’s a free Android app that hides them easily and securely for you.

Video Locker hides videos and movies by moving them from the default gallery app to a hidden gallery on your device. The hidden files are then encrypted and protected behind your own secret PIN code.


To make sure your hidden videos and movies are not accessed easily, a PIN creation is required. A recovery email feature is in place in case you ever forgot your PIN code. Some default albums will also be created to help you get started.

Hiding videos can be easily done via one of these two methods.

  1. Launch the default gallery app. Select your choice of videos to hide and share them  to ‘Video Locker’ using the share function. Pick a folder to hide the videos into and tap on ‘Ok’.
  2. Launch the Video Locker app and enter your PIN. Tap on an album to hide your videos into. Tap on the ‘+’ sign located on the top right hand corner. Select your videos from a file location and tap on ‘Hide’.

Other than keeping your files safely hidden, the user experience is enhanced by the well designed UI and various functions that include the video list layout, sorting options, bulk hiding and un-hiding, fast hiding and more. Furthermore, Video Locker is optimized for tablets (including the Nexus 7) as well.


For an app that hides your files, security and privacy are of great importance. For starters, Video Locker does not appear on the recent apps list. It offers folder level locking that locks every individual album too. When your device goes into sleep mode, the app will automatically lock itself out. Additional security feature also include the stealth mode.

Download Video Locker for free from the Google Play Store now!

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Stealth Mode (Pro only)

When activated, Video Locker Pro will disappear from the app drawer. Unsuspecting people who use your device would not even know of the app’s existence. Accessing the app can be done by a call function or via a fully functional calculator widget that is disguised as a portal. This calculator widget plays a crucial role especially for tablets as they do not have any call function. Simply key in your PIN and tap on the number display to launch Video Locker Pro.

Download the ads-free Video Locker Pro from the Google Play Store now!

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