Samsung Apps Featuring Apps by Handy Apps

Our apps are featured on a major app store once again! This time, 7 of our apps are listed under Editor’s Pick on the Samsung Apps Store as well as their main page on the web!

Perhaps you didn’t know that we have so many different useful applications for your Android devices? Read on for a summary of our most popular apps!

EasyMoney – Manage your personal finances anytime anywhere, budgeting and bill reminders included

Bills Reminder – Get reminders to pay your bills on time and avoid late payment fees

Tasks N Todos – Organize your daily tasks effortlessly and keep them in sync with Google Tasks

Video Locker – Hide your videos easily and securely so they don’t appear on the main gallery

Photo Locker – Hidden gallery app hides your photos from public sight safely and conveniently

Tip N Split Tip Calculator – Split the bill and calculate the tip for any number of people easily

Discount Calculator – Calculate the final price to pay for an item on sale quickly

Found an app that you are interested to know more about? 

Handy Apps specializes in developing high value apps for the Android platform. Our line of innovative products includes our latest finance manager app Expense IQ.

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