Currency FX – Exchange Rates


Currency FX – Exchange Rates provides up to date currency exchange rates and precious metal prices for your currency conversion needs via a fast and efficient user Interface.

This is part of Handy Apps’s array of productivity and finance apps.

The simplistic UI of Currency FX shows you all the information you need in one single screen: 
1)Currency exchange rates
2)Currency converter tool,
2)Currency charts,
3)Favorite currencies list,
4)Rapid search for desired currency via currency code or country name

Optional Auto Update feature always get the latest rates whenever you launch the app.

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Features include:
– Live currency exchange rates for more than 180 world currencies and 5 metals including gold and silver
– Charts (downloaded from available for analysing currency exchange rate trends over a period of 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 3 month, 1 year and 5 years
– Favorite Currency List to easily see all your favorited currency rates against your selected base currency
– Tap on any currency on favorite currency list to turn it into your base currency
– Auto Update with a range of time intervals to choose from
– Offline mode to allow currency conversion without internet connection
– Display amounts up to 5 decimal places

Currency FX runs on both Android phones and tablets. Download this free currency converter app now!

Get it on Google Play

Handy Apps specializes in developing high value apps for the Android platform. Our line of innovative products includes our latest finance manager app Expense IQ.

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