10 Popular Restaurants To Thank Your Parents At On Parents’ Day

What is Parents’ Day about?

Every fourth Sunday in July, families in the US celebrate Parents’ Day recognizing and thanking the efforts and sacrifices parents made to bring their children up.

How do I celebrate Parents’ Day?

Most families choose to celebrate by enjoying an exceptional meal in a great restaurant, or for some, they prefer to order takeout from the best restaurants and enjoy the meal at the comfort and privacy of their homes. Well, not everybody is comfortable sharing their embarrassing childhood memories in a public restaurant after all. For some, Parents’ Day makes a great reason to take your parents out on a weekend trip to another state/city. What if you are unfamiliar with that area and need to decide on an awesome restaurant (to show your resourcefulness) quickly?

For a start, we have compiled 10 highly popular restaurants in 10 biggest cities in the US. You can’t go wrong with those! As a little extra, we have included what others said about their orders and the restaurants from Find Dining’s reviews!

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1. Best American Diner in New York City

The Bailey Pub and Brasserie

52 Williams Street,
New York, NY 10005

Website: http://www.thebaileynyc.com/

Images from http://www.thebaileynyc.com/

Carefully designed by the founders and renowned designer Brian McDonald, the restaurant presents customers with an elegant and comfortable environment to enjoy their food made from fresh ingredients with seasonal specials, as well as their craft beers and signature cocktails. Not to be missed is their wine list too.

What do others recommend?

Bryan Beirola (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their corned beef hash and turkey club.
Tony Lane (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their ales and “Chicken under a brick”.

2. Best Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki Bar in Los Angeles

Yojie Japanese Fondue Restaurant

501 W. Olympic Blvd. #102,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Website: http://www.yojie.com/

Images from http://www.yojie.com/

If you have yet to try Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki before, Yojie is highly recommended! They both involve boiling meat in a steamboat, but Sukiyaki has a much more flavourful taste, so choose whichever you prefer! They also feature Japanese “rice wine”, which is not exactly wine but a unique fermented alcohol, known to improve health when taken in reasonable portions.

What do others recommend?

Amna Basheer (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends getting the sukiyaki and the goma (sesame) sauce.
Lily Tran (Rating: ★★★★☆) recommends ordering the additional sides as well as the Green Tea Chocolate Fondue!

3. Best Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Multiple locations in Chicago.

Website: http://www.loumalnatis.com/

Image from www.loumalnatis.com

Known by many as the best representation of Chicago-style Deep-Dish Pizza. The dough is made by hand and served with generous toppings. Lou Malnati’s boasts the finest ingredients from the best sources, guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. The restaurant claims to pick only the best tomatoes and Wisconsin cheese from the best natural farms, with a secret recipe that makes their crust unique and unforgettable. They also insist on using the finest water from Lake Michigan!

What do others recommend?

Eduard Mejia (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the signature Lou Malnati’s Pizza and Brownie Sundae
Mike Bladl (Rating: ★★★★★) says that the one hour wait for the world’s best pizza is definitely worth the wait.

4. Best Spanish/French Cuisine in Houston

Costa Brava Bistro

5115 Bellaire Blvd, at S.Rice,
Bellaire, Texas 77401

Website: http://costabravabistro.com/

Images from Costa Brava Bistro

With 30 years of experience in restaurant and hospitality, Costa Brava Bistro is not only homely and friendly, but also serving the best Spanish and French cuisines using the freshest ingredients. A huge selection of seafood, desserts and wine so you can get the best for your loved ones.

What do others recommend?

Julie Orser Odermatt (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the paella and apple tarts and thinks this is the best Spanish restaurant despite travelling around the world.
Lizzy B (Rating: ★★★★☆) recommends the great atmosphere, great selection of wine and the sea scallops and shrimp risotto.

5. Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia

Leo’s Steak Shop

1403 Chester Pike,
Folcroft, PA 19032

Website: http://leossteaks.com/

Image from http://leossteaks.com/

You’d be hard-pressed to find an empty seat or a good position in the queue at one of the most popular and best rated Cheesesteak restaurants in Philadelphia. Even during off-peak hours, you will find a long queue right outside the store. Go that extra mile to queue and bring back the 18-inch Cheesesteak for a great dinner addition in the comfort of your home!

What do others recommend?

Daniel Coon (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends Leo’s for their cheesesteak and warm service.
Catharine Watson (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the flavourful cheesesteak that is worth every penny.

6. Best Burritos in Phoenix

Rito’s Mexican Food

907 N 14th Street
Phoenix AZ 85006

Website: http://www.ritosmexicanfood14st.com/

Image from http://www.ritosmexicanfood14st.com/

Having won over 6 awards for best Mexican food, Rito’s resides in a humble corner of Phoenix. However that does not stop foodies from swarming the restaurant. Rito’s serve huge burritos enchilada style with rice and beans, a must-try when you visit them. However, take note that their opening hours are rather short, from 9am to 4pm. They recommend to call before going, a great and personal touch to their dedication to service.

What do others recommend?

Joanna Montoya (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their green burritos enchilada style.
Bennett McCutcheon (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their chimichangas and green chilli burritos.

7. Best Tacos in San Antonio

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Multiple locations in San Antonio

Website: chipotle.com

Image by Chipotle Mexican Grill

Boasting the use of responsibly raised meat and organic tofu with a sumptuous selection of veggies and sauces, Chipotle provides easy carryout selections, even providing convenient boxes with neatly packed ingredients ready for you to pack your own tacos in the comfort of your home. Even more health conscious than that? Chipotle provides an online nutrition calculator so you know what goes into your custom tacos.

What do others recommend?

Ginger Ramirez (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their great service quality.
Daniela Rodriguez (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends to go outside of lunch and dinner peak hours to avoid the crowd and get their “close to perfection” food.

8. Best Seafood in San Diego

Downtown Fish Joint

407 C St
San Diego, CA 92101

Photo shared by Alaina Mitchell

Unparalleled fish is what Downtown Fish Joint is known for. A must-try at the restaurant is their fish tacos, guaranteed to surprise your taste buds. Also highly popular with regulars is their light coleslaw and crisscut fries. At an average of below $10 per meal, Downtown Fish Joint offers value way above their prices.

What do others recommend?

Aaron F (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the seafood combo that comes with shrimp, scallops, salmon and fish to eat outside.
Kyle McKee (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the salmon tacos and house red Mexican sauce.

9. Best BBQ in Dallas

Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que & Home Cooking

1820 W Mockingbird Ln #18,
Dallas, TX 75235

Website: http://www.smokeyjohns.com/

Image from http://www.smokeyjohns.com/

Serving farm-grown American Catfish, Smokey John’s also serves a sizeable selection of BBQ meat from ribs to garlic sausage to brisket to pork. The restaurant also provides family packs for takeout, and seasonal specials to get you back for more.

What do others recommend?

Matthew Mazzucchi (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their tender ribs, smoke-ringed brisket, spicy sausages, bbq sauce and sides.
DuSouth Rovr (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the BBQ and great service.

10. Best Vietnamese Restaurant in San Jose

Dakao Sandwiches & Desserts

98 E San Salvador St
San Jose, CA 95112

Website: http://dakaosj.wix.com/dakao

Image from http://dakaosj.wix.com/dakao

Famous for their Vietnamese style sandwiches, snacks and desserts, Dakao serves great Vietnamese cuisines not to be missed. Dakao also serves affordable snacks, popular with those looking to try a huge variety of cuisines as well as students on a budget seeking delicious Vietnamese-American fusion cuisines and desserts.

What do others recommend?

Amy Abernathy (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their great atmosphere, friendly staff and feels comfortable with inquiring about their menu.
Thu Nguyen (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends their Rice Paper Salad and for college students to get good food even on a budget.
Hugh King (Rating: ★★★★★) recommends the Vietnamese Sandwiches, especially the BBQ Pork that comes without mayonnaise.

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