Loan Calculator: Classic App, Modern Design


Loan Calculator, regarded by many as the best calculator for visualizing loans through the years got a well-deserved design update! Loan Calculator beats the competition by offering smart and unique features and ease of use like no other loan calculators, enabling users to easily calculate their loans, interests, amortization schedule and make changes to any part of their loan and see the changes instantly.

LoanCalcUpdate20150820Despite the seemingly simple design, Handy Apps made Loan Calculator and tested vigorously to ensure speed, reliability, simplicity and requiring minimal input from the user but still providing many unique features intelligently.

We went for a high contrast look so our users can find what they want quickly as well as tap the right buttons easily. It was work well worth as the current design does give Loan Calculator a better fit in the current Android design philosophy, while retaining the usability and layout that our users have gotten used to. Loan calculator is still as powerful as before, just with a better fit with the times design-wise.

Our users agree with their actions and feedback, with nearly 10,000 downloads and growing. Loan Calculator can only get better, as we communicate, listen to our users to ensure we meet their needs no matter the type of loan they are looking at, and work on features to make it the best loan calculator on the Google Play Store.

Users love Loan Calculator for many reasons

  • Ability to change any part of the loan and instantly see how it affects the loan
  • Simple and intuitive design – no unnecessary tapping required
  • Instant amortization schedule, graphs and charts to visualize the loans at a glance

Get Loan Calculator (Free) in the Google Play Store and experience the power and convenience your smart devices should bring to your life.

Get it on Google Play

Handy Apps specializes in developing high value apps for the Android platform. Our line of innovative products includes our latest finance manager app Expense IQ.

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