Android M (6.0): The 5 Best New Features

Now that the Android 6.0 release is just around the corner (likely next Tuesday!), our team is (overly) excited for the release of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)! With a few Nexus devices lying around, we are pretty sure we will get to play work with it as soon as Google presses the “Launch” button! It is quite a huge update, but to make your lives easier we have chosen our Top 5 features in Android 6.0. Read on!

1. Automatic App Backups!

How many times have you lost your game progress just because the game does not save online? Google FINALLY solved this problem and introduced automatic app backups.

App backups are not a new thing in Android, but the adoption has been less than stellar for various reasons. Google fixed this by having automatic backups in Android 6.0!

No more losing high scores and your masterpieces when changing phones!

Note: The feature applies to App Data only. Some apps still save their additional files in the device’s internal storage or SD card, so make sure you backup those too when doing a factory reset/changing phones.

2. Now on Tap

What is Now on Tap? With that cryptic name (which Google is famous for) it would not be easy to guess what Now on Tap does.

What Now on Tap does: By tapping and holding the “Home” software button (not sure how that will work for phones with physical buttons), Google will analyse the contents on your screen and provide relevant information to help you!

So how can that help you?

  • If you are chatting (via SMS or a chat app) with your friend and your friend asks “what is the height of the Eiffel Tower?”, you can tap and hold Home to instantly bring up the answer! (It’s 986 feet if you’re wondering)
  • If you are looking at a restaurant’s official website or review, you can instantly bring up the restaurant’s address, contact number and reviews from Google Maps inside Now on Tap, assuming the restaurant is already listed on Google Maps. Now on Tap may even tell you how to travel there and how long it will take!

Get Find Dining for Free!

3. App Dozing – better standby time!

The new feature known as Doze will greatly improve battery life by improving standby battery consumption. How does it do that? Google explained that Doze makes use of your Android phone’s motion detectors and sensors to detect when your phone is untouched for a while, such as when you are sleeping or left it on a table.

After that, Doze will reduce what apps do in the background but make sure your notifications still arrive.

During Google I/O, Google mentioned that in their tests on a Nexus 9, they managed to double their battery life by using Doze!

4. Permissions Manager

“Why does a simple Gallery app need my contacts information and microphone?”
“Why does a flashlight need access to my contacts?”

If you find yourself asking these questions when downloading apps as you are highly concerned about your data privacy, Google has decided to let users control what their installed apps can access!

Tip: It is a highly powerful feature, so make sure to only turn off unnecessary permissions that the app has no reason to use. If an app starts to misbehave, make sure to turn the permission back on, and contact the developer(s) to clarify matters.

List of Permissions available for managing: Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Phone, Body Sensors, SMS, Storage

5. Merging of SD cards and Internal Storage (Adoptable Storage Devices)

Before Android M, Google has not taken a solid stance when it comes to how Android handles SD cards. This time it is totally different. How so?

In Android M, you can “merge” SD cards and Internal Storage and freely use the combined storage for installation of apps and storing your favorite photos, videos and files!

Bought a phone with only 8GB storage? Just buy a 64GB microSD card to extend it to 72GB!

Comment below: What are your favorite Android 6.0 features?

Note: Before the final release of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), any feature is subject to changes. The features mentioned above may function differently when released, and after release.

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2 comments on “Android M (6.0): The 5 Best New Features
  1. Joe Fox says:

    Will you update Expense IQ to work on Android M before its release? It keeps crashing at startup on my Nexus 5 with the preview.

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for informing us! We did receive several crash reports for Android M Preview, but because it is a Preview, it is bound to be incompatible with some current app versions. As Android M will (supposedly) be released next week officially, we would need to test the bugfixes with the official release before publishing any update to the Play Store. If you would like to help us, you can send in crash reports or capture a logcat of the crash and send it to us at Thank you for your understanding.

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