[New App] PlayTime Internet Radio – Make Radio Yours

PlaytimeRadioIconPlayTime Internet Radio (Free) – a new Internet Radio experience unlike any other, where you are in control!

Search, Play and Listen to any song or talk show as you like from over over 50,000 radio stations worldwide, and discover great artists and songs based on what you are currently listening to!

PTR Feature IMG
PlayTime Internet Radio asks how we can make use of latest smart technologies to create a unique and modern experience of radio. No longer are radios just tools that can only receive 10 or so stations with the listener at the stations’ full mercy when it comes to song selection.

PlayTime Internet Radio delivers high quality (as long as the radios do!) music and enjoyment from over 50,000 stations all around the world and adds smart features that allow you to choose what you want to listen to with nifty features to make the experience uniquely yours.

Control your listening experience

Powerful search allows you to search for genres, songs, artists, stations or talk shows all from one search bar.

Select a song and PlayTime Internet Radio will analyze and smartly choose the best source to play from.

Listen using 4 different play modes to suit your mood:

  1. Artist Mode plays songs only from the artist you are currently listening to
  2. Favorites Mode chooses songs from your Favorites List and plays them
  3. Recommended Mode intelligently recommends what you may like based on what you are currently listening to and automatically builds a playlist
  4. Stationary Mode for the times when you just want to stick to a specific radio station you fancy. Also called the “old-school radio without the troublesome tuning” mode.

PlayTimeRadio - Listen

Discover new artists and song recommendations

Don’t miss out! Top Charts lets you check out what the hottest artists and songs are currently and listen to them. Want to listen to pre-release songs? If a radio station plays them, you can check them out too! New songs on top charts are marked with a ‘NEW’ so you can always be the one to look to when it comes to new song recommendations.

Feeling adventurous? Recommended Mode automatically creates a playlist based on what you are currently listening to. Discover new artists and similar songs you may like!

Tip: In the mood for a specific artist only? See if you can find the Artist Page where you can check out ALL the songs that are currently available to listen to by that artist!

PlayTimeRadio - Top Charts  PlayTimeRadio - Radio Genres

Favorites List – Save all your favorite songs, artists, radio stations and talk shows

We understand that everybody has their own listening style, so we made a powerful Favorites List (or rather, four!) that works for you no matter how you like your radio! Save specific songs, artists, radio stations and talk shows for quick access later on!

Missed a song title? Check out the History List to conveniently check what you have been listening to!

PlayTimeRadio - Favorites

PlayTime Internet Radio is not just radio. It is YOUR radio. Free.

No limits, no paywalls, no trial period – just pure enjoyment of music.

Get it on Google Play

PlayTime Internet Radio is made in partnership with UberStations.

Handy Apps specializes in developing high value apps for the Android platform. Our line of innovative products includes our latest finance manager app Expense IQ.

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