[New App] Unit Converter – Intuitive and Smart

Unit Converter IconUnit Converter (Free) – The simplest, quickest and most beautiful Unit Converter ever.

Highly inspired by Google’s Material Design, Unit Converter is the most intuitive and gorgeous app that you can be proud to use and recommend to others, with over 600 units to convert to and from from over 30 categories.

PTR Feature IMG

Unit Converter re-imagines what unit converters should look like in this modern generation, based on Material Design guidelines and a splash of creative design and user experience considerations.

It is what a Unit Converter for smartphones should be – just a unit converter tool that is smart and fast for anybody to quickly convert as required in the shortest possible time. We made the user interface so simple, it can empower anybody to be the wiz among their peers. Gone are the days where you have to remember formulas, struggle to punch numbers into a calculator and potentially making mistakes!

Home Screen – Everything you need to start

There are only two main things on the home screen: All-in-one Search and Top Categories.

Type in a few letters and get what you want (check out a bit further down to find out more) or choose the most used categories. It’s so simple and intuitive there’s nothing much more to say.

Unit Converter

Browse All Categories, or use the All-in-One Search

Browse through all the 31 categories to find the specific one you need.

If you can’t remember, simply use the All-in-One Search where you can just enter part of the category name, unit name or unit symbol to search through our database of over 600 units!

UC - Categories  UC - Search

Flexible conversion pairs and Calculator Input

Change the units in the conversion pair to anything within the category, and the app will automatically do the conversion for you!

To make things even easier, we made the number input a calculator! You can simply enter the number quickly or do some simple calculations before entering the final value into the converter. No need to open a separate calculator app just to enter a number into Unit Converter.

Useful for times such as:

  • When weighing multiple objects using a scale but need the total value? Simply add them within the floating calculator and send it into the converter!
  • When you have a box of 143 objects, simply weigh them together and divide by 143 to find out the individual item weight in two units!
  • Cookbook says to heat to 80°C? How much is that in Farenheit?
  • … and many more!

UC - Convert  UC - Calculator Input

Now on Google Play for Free. Try it out!

Did we miss any category you think will be useful? Let us know!

Get it on Google Play

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