Photo Wall FX: Prank for this Halloween

PhotoWallFXIconPhoto Wall FX as a prank tool for Halloween? Seriously?

Why not? This Halloween, we came up with this quick idea, which worked in our little test giving the (unfortunate) lab rat tester a little scare! Read on to find out step by step how to set up this little surprise scare for the ones around you!

Warning: Don’t go overboard. Don’t do this to friends and family members with weak hearts. We will not be responsible for anything (including but not limited to broken glass, broken plates, broken phones, broken hearts, broken heads, broken pride etc) as a result of your actions. Just do it in the name of good fun!

The Scare

Install Photo Wall FX for your unsuspecting friend/family member. Tell them you found something awesome but they are not supposed to know until it’s set up.

Set it up for them with two custom albums: default album with their photos/cute photos and a new album with scary photos/pictures. Do not let them know about the “scary” album.

Set the app to change albums after one day, and watch (and/or video) them get surprised/scared when all the cute photos turn into scary pictures on their wallpaper!

Be ready to catch their phone in case they drop/throw it! If they are not the type to get spooked by such things, just pretend it is a fun surprise just for them!

Setting It Up


  • About 10-20 minutes alone time with the target’s phone (ask them to go grab a coffee or something as you prepare a nice surprise (heh) for them)
  • Photo Wall FX: Get it free from here.
  • Set of “spooky” (scary/ghost/zombie/clown/witch etc) photos, whatever you think will spook them out the most. (eg Zombies)
  • Set of “pleasant” (cute/adorable/animal etc) photos. This is the ‘pleasant’ surprise to mask the spooky surprise. (eg Cute Animals)


1. Find an excuse to have their phone for 20-30 minutes. Say you’d give them a pleasant surprise and treat them to a coffee or something. Tell them it won’t be fun if they know what you’re surprising them with.

2. Download Photo Wall FX on their phone and transfer all the spooky pictures in while it’s downloading and installing. You can transfer by Bluetooth, email, SD card, USB Thumbdrive or whichever way you prefer, just don’t leave any obvious trace!


3. Open Photo Wall FX from the App Drawer and it’s time to set it up!

4. Go to More Settings -> Setup Image Source -> Set Image Source -> Manage Custom Album


5. Tap the “+” and add all the “pleasant” set of photos into the “Default” album


6. Tap “+” again, select all the “spooky” photos but this time choose to “Create” to make a new album containing only the “spooky” photos

7-Op 8-Op

7. Press Back to exit custom album screen. Tap on “Refresh Frequency” and set it to “Every Day” (you are doing this one the 30th, right? If you have less than 24 hours left, simply choose another interval, like 12 hours.)


8. Press Back and check that the Default (pleasant) album is being used. If not, EITHER check that you have set the Live Wallpaper,  OR go back to Setup Image Source -> Refresh Wallpaper and check again.


9. Tap Apply, and check the homescreen to make sure it is displaying the Default (pleasant) album!


10. You’re done! Show the cute and pleasant Live Wallpaper to your unsuspecting target and pretend that was the surprise! Show them that they can even take a closer look at any photo by double-tapping them, just like a gallery app!

Actual Day. Watch as your target unlocks his/her phone for the first time after 24 hours, or whatever your refresh interval was set to in Step 7. Surprise! Bonus: Prepare to video-record (and to catch their phone) before they unlock their phone.



Do you have an even greater idea to spook people with smartphones and apps? Let us know!

(Feature Image Credit: Barney Craggs [barneycraggs] on Flickr)

Photo Wall FXThis article is brought to you by the Photo Wall FX team. We’re just a little crazy. Maybe not. Boo!
Photo Wall FX: Free Download on Google Play Store

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