[Update] PlayTime Internet Radio: Tablet UI and Chromecast!

PlayTime Radio IconPlayTime Internet Radio, the trending Internet Radio app on Google Play, has received a UI update for tablets as well as Chromecast support! Every song you love, now on your tablets and TV using Chromecast!

Re-thinking Radio with PlayTime

If you have yet to try it (download from Google Play), here’s a quick run-down of what it does:

  • Free music-on-demand!
  • Powerful search to find songs, artists, stations or talk shows
  • Discover recommended songs using unlimited Recommended Mode
  • Listen to local internet radio stations from any country
  • Save a favorites list and listen to songs and/or artists only from that list

As music lovers too, we realized we spend quite a lot of time listening to music on our tablets, and the app deserves a UI optimized for tablets. The optimized tablet allows you to see more and navigate easily making great use of the bigger screens, no matter you’re using a 7″ or 10″ device. It is also 2,301% more enjoyable to use, if we say so ourselves.

Since a picture/screenshot speaks a thousand words, let’s save a few thousand words and see what they look like:

7″ Tablets

Main Music Screen (Portrait) – Top Artists, Top Songs, Top Stations

Main Music Screen (Landscape)

Now Playing Screen with Auto-generated Playlist

Artist page with all Now Playing songs

10″ Tablets

Main Music Screen – Trends at a glance

Now Playing in full 10″ Glory

Artist Page – Favorite the artist or just browse their songs

Listen to local radio, or explore radio stations in other countries!

Chromecast_cast_button_icon Chromecast: Tap the Chromecast icon to cast your favorite songs and stations.

(Get your Chromecast here if you haven’t got one.)

Start the party, or play some chill music for a romantic dinner by tapping the Chromecast button.

Chromecast Photo

Tap the icon from any screen to play your favorite songs, artists and stations on your TV.

Tip: Anybody with PlayTime Internet Radio (on the same WiFi network) will be able to change the Now Playing song. Don’t end up fighting over what songs to play though.

Get PlayTime Internet Radio from Google Play, totally free.

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