[Milestone] PlayTime Radio: 100,000+ Downloads in ONE WEEK!

PlayTime Radio IconPlayTime Internet Radio on top of being featured on Google Play, received 100,000+ downloads within ONE WEEK! Can’t say we really prepared ourselves for this, but above all, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OUR USERS!

Because caps lock is not enough,



PlayTime Radio Over The Week

We take every comment and feedback very seriously. This week alone, because of your great feedback to us, we have had 3 major updates to the app to improve the experience for all of you. Apologies for the many updates but we believe they were essential to ensure you can enjoy your favorite songs and stations no matter where you are, who you are or what you like:

  • Chromecast support and Tablet-optimized layouts!
  • Improved algorithms for radio stations
  • Fixed crash issues for affected devices
  • Unplugging of headset will stop the music
  • Tapping ‘Clear’ on the notification will stop the music
  • Improved usage for devices with limited running resources
  • Added option to move to external SD card

A popular YouTube Tech Reviewer, Kevin The Tech Ninja, also spotted our app and did a quick review on it:

Our Team Over The Week

A quick summary of what went on with the team through this week:

  • Destroyed 84 keyboards from intensive typing
  • Went through 2 packs of batteries for wireless mice (mouses?) before we decided to go wired
  • Partied (using PlayTime of course) and received 3 complaints
  • Increased coffee intake by 3293%
  • Stared at the PlayTime Radio user count rising 832% more frequently than normal
  • Wrote this list for no apparent reason

Disclaimer: This list is fictional. But this week in short was rather hectic yet enjoyable!

What’s next?

Of course we are not going to stop here. The app is just a seedling now, and we will definitely want to see it grow and mature. There are plans ahead to add in unique features to make PlayTime Internet Radio the best Internet Radio app ever.

The app is not just our team’s. The app is only sweeter shared between our users and us. Therefore we welcome any sort of suggestion and feedback, as music lovers each have their own style of enjoying music and are as varied (if not more!) as the styles of music in the world.

In conclusion: Let us know what you think! Talk to us! Rave to us! Rant to us! (keep it civil and keep it to app-related topics, that is)


Get PlayTime Internet Radio from Google Play, totally free.

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