[New App] Password Locker – Powerful Password Manager and Encryption

Password Locker IconPassword Locker (Free) – Power of military grade encryption in your hands, without sacrificing convenience.

Password Locker takes the idea of Password Managers steps further. It encrypts and manages not just your passwords, but also your sensitive information like credit card information and even your membership details and coupon codes – all retrievable easily and conveniently when you need them.

PwL Feature IMG

Password Locker challenges the norms of Password Managers. Password Managers do not have to be embarrassingly ugly and outdated. Password Locker, on top of providing top-notch security features, does not require an internet connection in order to function, maximizing security and privacy which are highly essential.

With the experience from developing PassWallet, Password Locker is re-written from ground-up in order to comply with modern design and development guidelines. Other than cleaner code and appearance, Password Locker is more versatile and future-proof for new features.

Offline Encryption – 256-bit AES Encryption In Your Hands

Designed with respect to security guidelines, Password Locker provides military grade level security without compromising with unnecessary features.

  • 256-bit AES Encryption: Even with current technology, it is practically impossible to crack the encryption.
  • Offline storage: After encryption, data is only kept offline – no need to worry about server leaks and hacks. Data also encrypted so nobody can access your sensitive data without access to Password Locker.
  • (Optional) Personal Cloud Sync: Stores encrypted data and sync across devices using your personal Dropbox/Google Drive.

PwL - Home  PwL - Cloud

Intricately-crafted Security Features

What is a security app if it does not come with unique security features? In Password Locker:

  • Random Passwords not long enough for your taste? Since you do not even have to remember it, extend it for even greater security!
  • Self-Destruction/Self-Erase: Just like a spy’s companion, don’t even give hackers any chance to guess your PIN by setting a limit to the number of wrong attempts before your data is erased from your device. (Note: self-destruction of data, not phone. We don’t want you to blow your face off from failed attempts to unlock the app while drunk.)
  • Change Master Key as always advised by security experts, change your password regularly to maximise security.
  • Change Secret Question/Answer: Why not change the backup question too? Especially if you think someone might have found out your most embarrassing accident during your graduation party.
  • (Optional) Stealth Mode: Hide the existence of the app from the App Drawer! Open Password Locker using the dialer and/or the Calculator widget (which works as a real calculator too!).

PwL - Security  PwL - PIN

Smart Entry Templates

Quickly enter your passwords and account details with preset templates designed for different types of information.

The templates are no mere templates. In some entry fields that people are prone to make mistakes, there are verification checks (when possible) to make sure you don’t enter your data wrongly!

Enter details such as URL Address for easy access or additional convenient data such as phone number etc to use as a smart secret phonebook.

PwL - Quick Entry  PwL - Template
PwL - Tablet Quick Entry

Floating Window Over Any App

Tap the blue circle icon in the main list to

  1. Open the URL entered in the record (if there is any).
  2. Open a Floating Window – copy any detail you need from that record. Remember to close it after you are done with it!

Tip: Tap the grey eye icon to toggle visibility of your password in case some apps/websites do not allow pasting of passwords.

PwL - Quick Launch  PwL - Floating Window

Going Beyond

That’s not all there is in Password Locker. Users have full control over their data, and can even export/import them if desired.

We are still constantly evolving the app and improving current features while expanding possibilities. Do let us know if you have any suggestions!

Now on Google Play for Free. Try it out!

We respect all our users’ privacy and do not take any personal data, with a goal to create the best password manager on Google Play.

Let us know if you have suggestions or feedback!

Get it on Google Play

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