[Update] Find Dining – Tablet Finders ‘n’ Diners Unite!

Password Locker Icon So we heard you love discovering new food places with Find Dining on your big, awesome tablets.

Guess what? You can have your Find ‘n’ Dine journeys with your tablets now! If you haven’t tried it out, read on to see why it’s 3,874% more awesome to use Find Dining with your tablet(s)!

Find Dining - Tablet

Finding great Paris breakfast outlets and supermarkets at 5am is possible with Find Dining

Find Dining is updated to include a fully optimized tablet UI that allows you to access both the map and restaurant list at the same time, making full use of the screen!

This way you can navigate and explore your options together and focus on the important stuff – food!

FD Tablet Demo

Find and explore awesome dining places like a pro.

Get Find Dining on Google Play and start F’n’D-ing today!

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