Expense IQ 2.0 – Next Step Forward

Expense IQ Expense IQ (formerly EasyMoney) is one of the apps many users really love and use on a daily basis to keep track of their finances and expenditure – good habits that we at Handy Apps always try to promote.

Through these (~7) years, we developed the idea into an ambitious app with a goal to assist fellow smartphone/tablet users to manage and stay ahead of their finances, which no doubt has benefited not only us, but hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.


How did Expense IQ help us over these years?

  • Track ‘n’ save – We realized that by being conscious of how much you spend and save, we can end up saving even more
  • Budgets ‘n’ rewards – By setting budgets, we can pamper ourselves once in a while as a reward for achieving goals and completing tasks in real-life – self-motivation! Keeping to the budget also means that we do not jeopardize our saving plans and can still satisfy our urge to spend once in a while, be it on great food for the family or a nice little trip with our loved ones.
  • Bills, bills, bills –  We never had to pay a single late fee since we added Bill Reminders to Expense IQ. Gone are the days when we had to mark every month’s payment due dates for every bill on our paper calendars.
  • More devices than hands? – As some of us are kind of geeky/developery, we have 4-5 devices and we know some of you have too. Keeping them in sync and having the freedom to use any device to manage and analyze finances with zero hassle was something we could not even dream about pre-Expense IQ.


What does 2.0 mean to us?

Expense IQ 2.0, which is live on Google Play (check back after a few hours if you still do not see it) is not just a number. It is a sign of our dedication and of greater things to come.

We have always listened to our users and some of you may have heard us saying that we “have a long list of to-dos” planned for the app’s future. We’re not kidding, but as it’s not on a piece of paper, you can only imagine what that long list looks like.

In 2.0, we stepped up the code, made it even more optimized, ready for the future changes, and spent countless man-hours testing (we didn’t count, as that would take away time from testing) and revamping the app to make it worthy of the title “2.0”. We probably went through barrels of coffee these few months.

What’s live in 2.0 right now?

  • Material Design – This was one daunting task. Not only did we have to re-design the app, but we made sure old users feel right at home even after the re-design. Tablet UI is also fully updated. The widgets are also updated too, so check them out. (Dark Theme will come in another update)
  • Customizable Account/Category icons – New feature! Human eyes are naturally quicker to perceive colours and images over text, so we have added this fun and useful feature. You can change any category and account icons as well as select any color you fancy!
  • Cloud Sync over Google Firebase – As Dropbox announced that they will be shutting down their Datastore API (which Expense IQ 1.0 used for Cloud Sync), we have decided to make use of a newer, more reliable, faster and more flexible Cloud service, Google’s very own Firebase. You can still sync unlimited devices. Logging in will be equally, if not easier than before (simply tap on your Google Account) and syncing will be seamless.
  • Many smaller requested features – We have fixed numerous bugs and added little features that you have requested for, like making post-dated transactions more obvious, average value for monthly/yearly reports etc

From “Gold” to “Premium”

This was unfortunately one of the most difficult decisions we have ever made (other than increasing the name by 3 letters). Our goal is to create the best expense manager and accounting app ever, and Dropbox’s decision to shut down Datastore (the old Cloud Sync method) forcing a move to Google Firebase results in notable upkeep costs.

We also want to speed up development to add the features you have requested for, which meant more coffee, M*untain D*w and Nac*os etc from increased development hours and testing hours.

Expense IQ is moving to a subscription-based Premium model (lifetime purchase option will be coming) but all current Gold users will be able to migrate with no change to your status (check it again in a few hours if you don’t see a message in-app) and there will be no trial period in the free version just like before, which means you can still continue to use even if you decide not to subscribe after that.

The free version is still powerful as always and we made sure it is way more than sufficient for personal use.

So what new features are we looking at in the future?

(Update 20/4) Exciting updates in the very near future we’re working on:

  1. Dark theme – yes, we have AMOLED devices too. (done!)
  2. Desktop version – Compatible with Windows/Mac OS/Linux
    (Linux: if you are using a distro that is relatively popular (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint etc), feel free to let us know if you encounter any issue)

What are the most commonly requested features that we fancy? You have suggested iOS (desktop/web and other OSes) apps, smartwatch integration, excluded/archived accounts, more reports (and exporting options), saving goals to name a few and we like them too, but it takes time to add each big feature, and we sincerely appreciate the patience you have shown us so far, and hereafter.

Our journey to this milestone would have never happened without all our users, and the upcoming bigger and more awesome milestones can only be made possible with your continued support. Continue to talk to us as we strive towards the next biggest milestones and ultimately, the best expense manager and accounting app ever.

Get Expense IQ 2.0, or talk to us via email.


Handy Apps specializes in developing high value apps for the Android platform. Our line of innovative products includes our latest finance manager app Expense IQ.

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41 comments on “Expense IQ 2.0 – Next Step Forward
  1. William says:

    Is there a way to change the Google Firebase account? I synced to my own Google account then realized I want to create a new Google account that my wife and I can share for our joint accounts. But now that Expense IQ knows my own Google account, I can’t figure out how to change the Firebase account. Any ideas?

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi William, if you have already entered data into the app, you may want to make a backup first (if you do not have data, you can skip this). After doing so, you can clear AppData from Settings>Apps>Expense IQ, launch the app and choose a new account. If you have prior data, remember to restore the backup file and copying the data to the Firebase account before syncing other devices. If you have further enquiries, feel free to reach us at http://www.expense-iq.com/contact. Thanks!

  2. Szabi says:

    Hi, just started using Expense IQ a couple of days ago, and it’s totally awesome, the last 3 years I’ve been using Google spreadsheets to track and plan my budgets full of functions and links etc… which I was able to migrate to ExpenseIQ almost fully. The only thing I can’t find at the moment is where I can track the money I lend to others or the bills I pay for others but expecting them to pay them back?


  3. Jon says:

    Hi there! I am using Expense IQ for years now using my Android Tablet and phone but I am now migrating to Apple devices and as I look and test similar apps in Apple’s Appstore nothing comes close to Expense IQ. I wonder when will it be availble on Appstore? Looking forward to your updates. Thanks!

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Jon, we’re flattered by your support and compliments! We’re currently working to bring it over, but as it is quite a big task, it can take a while as the app was initially built for Android only, and quality is important to us.

      We cannot provide an ETA, but we’ll try to release it as soon as we can!

  4. sasha says:

    When I try to sync my expense IQ with firebase, it tells me to choose my google account, then it throws me an error, saying that I have to make sure I have an account, and that the installation of the account failed!
    What do I have to do? Do I have to “activate” firebase with my google account?

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Sasha,

      Try to check if you have Account Sync turned on in Settings>Accounts & Sync. Also make sure that you have a stable internet connection then try again.

      If you tried the above and still get the error message, do send us an email at support@handyappsforlife.com with details such as the email address you are trying to use. Thanks!

      • sasha says:

        Do I have to own a google account to use firebase?

      • Handy Apps says:

        Yes, because Firebase is owned by Google, currently data is tied to Google accounts in Expense IQ via Google login.

        Also, do reply to our customer support team’s email response so we can assist you further. Let the team know if you also get such irregularities with Google login in other apps too. Thanks!

  5. Mr George A P Figuerola says:

    As a long time user of THE BEST ACCOUNTS APP ON THE PLANET, I wish to congratulate you all on this new and improved version as so look forward to the desktop version as and when it is available.

  6. Marco says:

    When do you think desktop version, will be out? I always wanted to be able to view this on my desktop since the app came out. Best finances app, bar none for Android, nothing even comes close. Keep up the good work.

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Marco, thanks for the support! We are still working on the desktop version but as it is quite a big project, we really appreciate your patience in this matter. Thanks!

      • I am so excited to hear that this will be available on desktop! Love this!

      • Kitty says:

        Hey there – I am still deciding on which money manager app to use and yours is one of the best-looking with most functionalities that I want but without a desktop version, it’s no deal. I have chronic tennis elbow and need to cut my mobile data entering to a minimum, otherwise I am in agony. So… any news? Otherwise it will be the competition and I really don’t fancy changing everything back again in some undefined future…

      • Handy Apps says:

        Hi Kitty, glad you like Expense IQ! We’re working on the desktop version but it can take a while as it is quite a major project, so we do not have any estimated release date as of now. Do keep a look out as we will definitely announce on our Facebook and other social media channels when it is ready! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  7. Margarita says:

    Hello, I really like this app, I bought it but haven’t been able to sinc with my o there’s devices… There is a manual or somewhere to find a step by step?

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Margarita, to sync with your other devices, you will need to make sure of the following:
      1) Install the app using the same Google account (which purchased the app) from Google Play
      2) Turn on Firebase sync within the app and choose the same Google account with the Cloud data.
      If you would like more help, feel free to email to us at support@handyappsforlife.com. Thanks!

  8. Kelly says:

    Amazing finance app, best I’ve found so far & I’ve tested quite a few. I would really love an option to select a custom month range as a default view in accounts, budgets & reports, as I get paid mid month, which makes it difficult to accurately see how much I have left before my next payday. Being able to set different budgets each month for the same account, could maybe be an idea for the future? Definitely looking forward to a black theme.

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Kelly, thanks for liking the app!

      We will consider adding a customizable default month range in the reports section. We did get a few requests for that.

      Could you elaborate on the part about setting different budgets for the same account? If you would like to set budgets on different categories, it is already possible in the app. If you are referring to something different, could you let us know in detail at support@handyappsforlife.com? Thanks!

  9. Jesus Lopez says:

    I think it should be better when selecting a Category, instead of showing the complete list (categories and subcategories) you should display the parent categories first, and then if you find your category expand it to show their children.


    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Jesus Lopez, could you email to us at support@handyappsforlife.com with more details? You can also use the feedback button within the app.

      Currently the categories list shows the parent categories with the child categories being shown as part of the parent category item, so users can see all their categories and sub-categories easily.


  10. Tiffiny says:

    I have relied on this app for years, and understand your need to stay current. Unfortunately I rlet on simple.
    I accidentally pushed OK to migrate /update and lost data. My balance went from $900+/- to negative $65ish
    Not sure what happened but I am still checking bank balance to be sure I’m back on track
    Also lost bill reminder
    Just wanted you to know


    I have multiple currency, the overview only show the pie chart of one single currency,

    Would be nice if we can have an integrated view though
    Or, may be there should be a switching button which we can toggle between ccy

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Siraprapa, thanks for the suggestion! We will consider adding that in a future update. For now, it may take a few extra steps but you can view reports with charts for your other currency accounts in the Reports section. Thank you for your patience.

  12. Jesus Lopez says:

    Does any one have any good ideas on what’s the best way to categorize your expenses ?

    • Tracey S says:

      You can group them by type. Accommodations (rent/mortgage)
      Medical (keep all medical expenses separate because you can claim it on your taxes and this can add up all your doctors and hospital bills)
      Prescriptions (same as above but listed separately when filling out taxes)
      Personal care
      Car maintenance
      Fuel costs (good if you plan to claim on your taxes and you can even divide into two categories ‘work/personal’
      But the best thing to do is to sit down and write down all your bills and go from there. You can expand or contract on information above.
      With these categories you can also set up budgets so you don’t over spend.

  13. Uross says:


    I’m really happy to hear you’ll further develop this awesome app. I’m looking forward to the dark theme.

    With that said I have two issues:
    Issue 1: if I click on add bill reminder from the overview the app crashes
    Issue 2: when I click on an account and scroll to the bottom the add button vanishes

  14. Cathy says:

    In the search filter it would be great if you could search by a dollar amount. Sometimes when you don’t balance with bank it helps to look for a specific amount.

  15. TotalEklipse says:


    I appreciate the change you have made for gold users. It means a lot!

    I am however having an issue. Before the 2.0 update, I had transactions that were post-dated far in advance. However, when I change the reporting period to post-dated or all time, I can only see 1 month from now. so for example, today is the 21st of Apr and I can only see transactions to the 21st May.

    I think they are still there because the final balance reflects the result of all the future transactions. This is occuring for all accounts I have. I have Android 6.0.1 on the samsung galaxy s6 edge+.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated!

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi TotalEklipse, you are right, the current limit is 1 month but we are looking into adding longer periods of time. There were some stability issues but we are working on them. Thanks for the feedback!

  16. Emmanuel says:

    What happened to all the search features? I can only search by account and date range now? The main buying points for me was being able to search by category and whether a transaction has been cleared or not. Also, the move away from Dropbox hurts as well since my wife and I share a box account in order to keep Expense IQ synced between both of our phones since we have two different google accounts. Now, it seems that will be impossible.

    First blush is that this update is a big step backwards.

    • Handy Apps says:

      Search function: The same powerful search function has been there, but it was not so obvious. We fixed it in the latest update.
      Dropbox: It was not our decision but Dropbox’s, as they have shut down their Datastore API (we have linked to their blog post regarding this). If you would like to sync with another person, you can consider creating a shared Google account just for Expense IQ’s Firebase sync.
      Hope the above helps.

  17. Gabriela says:

    Can’t use it on two devices with cloud synchronisation, anymore. After update, one device allows synchronisation (Google Firebase account, not dropbox), the other one asks for premium version in order to syncronise. What should we do?

    • Handy Apps says:

      Hi Gabriela, the Premium purchase is tied to the Google account that subscribed on Google Play. Simply download the app using the account that has a subscription and you will be able to log into your Firebase account.

  18. Kevin Brown says:

    I like the new design BUT I cannot find the SEARCH function. I saw in your FAQ section that there should be a search function… But I can’t find it anywhere. Please add it back as soon as possible.

    • Handy Apps says:

      (Update 20/4: Fixed! It should be extremely accessible from v74 onwards.)

      Hi Kevin, the search function is still available (at the top of the list) but we do agree it’s not very obvious – we’re fixing it right now.

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