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Notice: This page is obsolete and will not be updated.

Please visit the new and updated FAQ pages at our new website.

Notice: This FAQ page is obsolete. Please visit the new and updated FAQ pages at the new Handy Apps website.


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Having issues with Photo Locker or Video Locker? Try these solutions below.

Note: We are not able to provide support for devices running on custom ROMs.

Updated to the new version 1.2.0/1.2.1? Encounter force close issues?
1. Restart your device, then re-launch the app
2. If issue continues, email your app name, device model, Android version and app version to us at Include as much information as possible (eg screenshot, description of the error).


  1. Do not tap ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ in phone settings.
  2. Do not uninstall/reinstall the app unless instructed to do so.
  3. Failure to include any of the above information will result in delays in processing of your enquiry. If you are unsure for any of the above, simply indicate “not sure”.


1. Unable to unlock the app, cannot access media, correct PIN but not accepted

Some possible reasons that the app does not launch even when you enter the PIN:

1.1.If you have removed or changed your SD card recently, try to insert it back again. The app data is saved in a hidden folder and thus you cannot unlock the app if the folder is not detected in your device. Kindly check that you have the latest version available on the app store as well. It is important that you do not uninstall the app.

If the app still cannot be launched, your device may have been using a custom ROM, had an upgrade in Android version or have been factory reset. Note that if your device do not have any external storage, a factory reset will delete all your data in your device including those media hidden in Photo Locker or Video Locker.

1.2. If you have moved the app from phone memory to the external SD card, please move it back. The app will not work when moved to the SD card.

1.3. If you have cleared the app data under Phone Settings->Apps->App Name, the app will likely be reset as mentioned in the delete confirmation warning. If you do not see any option to recover data upon launching the app, your data has then been cleared and cannot be restored. If you tried restoring with your PIN but are not able to, the app data file has then been cleared.

1.4. If you have deleted a .PL or .VL folder, please manually restore that folder yourself. Those folders contain the hidden media saved in the app. Once deleted, the app will not launch. We cannot provide any assistance for folder restoration as we do not have any access to your data at all.

For other assistance, email us at with the app name as the subject and detailed description of the issue.

2. Changed device but PIN not accepted

Our Locker apps are offline independent apps and do not sync with any cloud server. All your data are saved either within your device’ storage or the SD card itself. You need to move the data from your old device by unhiding your media files in the old device and then rehide them again in the new device.

The recovery email address is not an username to restore data. It is only used to retrieve your PIN in the event that you have forgotten it.

Important note: the same Google account must be used to reinstall the app or else your PIN will not be accepted.

3. How to move photos/videos to new device

Photo Locker/Video Locker is an offline independent app and does not sync with any online server. All your data are saved either within your device’ storage or the SD card itself. There is no backup anywhere else.

You need to move the data from your old device by 1. copying the .PL/.VL folder or 2. unhiding your media then move and rehide them again in the new device. The second method is more straightforward and recommended.

For the first method, the .PL/.VL folder can be found in either your device’s internal memory or the SD card. If not found at first, change the setting to enable ‘show hidden files’ or reboot your device. Make a copy of the .PL folder and then save it to the internal storage of your new device.

For the second method, simply launch the app in your old device, unhide the media by tap and hold on individual album and select ‘Unhide’. Pick a file location you know. Then make sure you copy the folder to the new device, and rehide them there.

Reinstallation in the new device must be done with the same Gmail account that first installed it. The recovery email address is not an username but only used to retrieve your PIN in the event that you have forgotten it. When you launch the app, you will be prompted to recover data or create new installation. Choose to recover and key in your PIN.

4. Uninstalled app but photos/videos are missing

All your hidden data are stored in the device’s storage only and will remain hidden until you unhide them. They can be retrieved if you have not performed any data clearing from phone’s settings or via third party apps, nor factory reset your device.

Reinstall the app first and launch it. You will be asked to recover or delete your data. Select ‘Recover’ and key in your PIN to access your data again.

Tip: You can tap and hold on the album and choose to unhide the entire album.

Note: This does not apply for cases of non working PIN. Refer to section 1 above instead.

5. Video cannot be played in Video Locker

Video Locker does not have any video playing capability. It only hides and encrypts the videos. When you choose to play a video in Video Locker, the app will search for existing video playing app in your device and then automatically play it. Make sure you are using the latest version of Video Locker as well.

Sometimes, the video playing app selected may be unable to play the format you mentioned. In this case, you may need to download a separate video playing app such as MX Player first. After it is installed, return to Video Locker, play a video, and choose MX Player.

If you still encounter issues playing the video, kindly email us with the following info with the subject title “Video Locker”.
1. Device model and
2. Android version
3. App version (Check under device’s settings->Manage Apps)
4. Detailed description of the issue
5. If there is an error, attach a screenshot of the error

6. How to restore deleted videos or photos

Sorry but there is no method to retrieve deleted media as your hidden files are only saved in your device’s device, not to any cloud storage. Hence there is no backup copy nor do we have access to your data.

If you have previously installed any 3rd party recycle bin app such as Dumpster, you can attempt to recover the .pl (Photo Locker) or .vl (Video Locker) folders, then restore using the respective apps.

7. Change language in Photo Locker or Video Locker

This is only available from version 1.1.0 and above. To change the app language, go to settings and tap on ‘Language’ under the Others section.

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